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Numbers & Clients

Up to this date, I have created approximately 600+ videos, dedicating a total of around 10,500 hours of work. The videos I've produced for clients, both independently and with teams, have received a combined total of over 10 million views.

The videos I've created on my own Peter Kae Brand channels have garnered over 2 million views, with a combined following of over 35,000.

While working as a professional editor and camera operator at Klein Aber Video Agency in Hamburg (, which specializes in building YouTube channels for major brands, I provided my editing and camera skills to clients such as Google, Amazon Prime, Vattenfall, Sony Playstation and more (further details below).


What Services do I Offer?

My services span a wide range of business offerings, including image films, monthly content for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, as well as product videos. Furthermore, I do wedding film production, festival and nightclub aftermovies, and a host of other options.

You can also book me to spice up your existing footage. I partner up with a variety of companies, where my primary role is editing.

Additionally, I assist businesses in optimizing their social media presence, analyzing their content, and finding content to expand their reach and engage their desired audience.

Furthermore, I offer one-on-one consultations with video creatives where I review their videos, pointing out strengths and providing valuable advice for future improvements.

Please don't hesitate to let me know your needs, and I will advise you on whether I am the right fit for your project.


How It Started:

I began my filmmaking journey at a young age, creating, Jackass-style and other nonsense videos with friends, experimenting with wild videos in front of my webcam (not OnlyFans), and documenting my travel and party experiences.

After working as a salesman at an electronics store, where I specialized in selling computers and cameras in 2011, I decided to pivot and pursue a different path in 2016 while still retaining my interest for cameras.

I rethought my life's direction for a year in Australia.

My Professional Path:

In 2017 I applied for a position as a video editor at Germany's largest YouTube agency, Klein Aber Video Agency (, which specializes in creating and managing social media channels for major brands.

There, I received additional training as a professional video editor and camera operator, gaining valuable experience while working with renowned clients such as Amazon Prime, Google, Sony Playstation, Vattenfall, and many others.

On weekends, I additionally continued to pursue my passion for creating wedding films, event aftermovies, and business-related films in my beloved home area, the Lueneburger Heide.

After nearly four years at the Klein aber Video Agency, I decided to become self-employed in 2021.




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